Postal code is a very specific set of numbers, although it sometimes includes letters that help the postal service determine a mail destination.Postal Code allows a mail to reach its destination and confirms the complete zip code that arrives as soon as possible.Postal code systems may vary from country to country, but their purpose remains the same and that is to facilitate the distribution of postal. Postal delivery is optimized using postal code at every stage.

Thana/Upazila within Patuakhali District are:Bauphal,Dashmina,Galachipa,Khepupara,Patuakhali Sadar,Subidkhali.The following table contains post codes of various sub post office in Patuakhali District.

Postal Zip Codes For Bauphal

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code
Patuakhali BauphalBagabandar Post Office8621
Patuakhali BauphalBauphal8620
Patuakhali BauphalBirpasha8622
Patuakhali BauphalKalaia8624
Patuakhali BauphalKalishari8623

Postal Zip Codes For Dashmina

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code

Postal Zip Codes For Galachipa

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code
PatuakhaliGalachipaGazipur Bandar8641

Postal Zip Codes For Khepupara

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code

Postal Zip Codes For Patuakhali Sadar

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code
PatuakhaliPatuakhali SadarDumkee8602
PatuakhaliPatuakhali SadarMoukaran8601
PatuakhaliPatuakhali SadarPatuakhali Sadar8600
PatuakhaliPatuakhali SadarRahimabad8603

Postal Zip Codes For Subidkhali

DistrictThanaThanaPost Code

Above we have tried to give postal codes of all post offices including Patuakhali district.I hope it will be useful for everyone.

Some Instruction

  • We should use the correct postal code before using postal code anywhere
  • Postman may not come to the post office to deliver any product, so you have to contact at your own risk.
  • If you want to send a product somewhere, you must include the postal code address and phone number of the person to whom you want to send it.

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