Shohagh Paribahan Pvt. Ltd. Established in 1973. He used to travel on domestic and international Dhaka-Kolkata routes regularly. This transport service has two types of buses, AC and non-AC. It operates in the districts of Chittagong and Khulna divisions within the country. Feel free to take an advanced bus to Sohag Transport.

Facts about Shohag Paribahan

Name Shohag Paribahan (Pvt) Ltd.
Founded 1992
Services Bus service throughout the southern part of Bangladesh
Help Center number +880 9606444777
Address Shohagh Paribahan Pvt. Ltd, 63 DIT Road, Malibagh, Dhaka-1217
Facebook Shohagh Paribahan Pvt. Ltd.

Shohagh Paribahan Route Name

Route Bus Type
Dhaka- Chittagong- Dhaka AC Volvo
Dhaka- Jessore- Benapole- Kolkata AC Volvo
Dhaka-Jessore-Khulna- Dhaka AC Volvo
Dhaka- Jessore- Benapole- Kolkata AC Volvo
Dhaka- Jessore- Khulna- Dhaka Non-AC
Dhaka- Jessore- Khulna- Dhaka Non-AC
Dhaka- Khulna- Bagerhat- Dhaka Non-AC
Dhaka- Jessore- Benapole- Dhaka Non-AC
Dhaka- Jessore- Shatkhira- Dhaka Non-AC

Shohagh Paribahan Bus Fares/Bus Ticket Price

Route Fare Bus Type
Dhaka-Khulna-Dhaka Exclusive:1200 Bdt
Regular:1000 Bdt
AC Volvo
Dhaka-Jessore-Dhaka Exclusive:1100 Bdt
Regular:900 Bdt
AC Volvo
Dhaka-Sylhet-Dhaka Exclusive:1100 Bdt
Regular:900 Bdt
AC Volvo
Dhaka-Benapole-Dhaka 1270 Bdt AC Volvo
Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka 1225Bdt AC Volvo
Dhaka-Chittagong-Dhaka 950 Bdt AC Volvo
Dhaka- Shatkhira-Dhaka 400 Bdt Non-AC
Dhaka-Benapole-Dhaka 450 Bdt Non-AC
Dhaka-Khulna-Dhaka 500 Bdt Non-AC
Dhaka-Jessore-Dhaka 450 Bdt Non-AC

Shohagh Paribahan Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Fares/Bus Ticket Price

Bus Type Class Fare
Ac Business Class:
Regular Class:
1520 Bdt
1320 Bdt
Non/Ac N/A 650

Besides, after passing the border, everyone has to pay Rs 240 for the AC bus and ৳ 170 for the non-AC bus. Buses on the Dhaka-Kolkata route usually leave from Arambagh and Malibagh. It takes one to two hours to cross the border from there to Kolkata.

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Shohagh Paribahan Dhaka Counters Number

Location Address Phone Number
Gulistan 14/1 North South Road, Fulbaria 02-7171078
Savar Savar Bus Stand 01711-818874
Gulshan 111 Bangabandhu Road, N.Gonj 02-8857932
Narayngonj 111 Bangabandhu Road, N.Gonj 02-7634708
Mohakhali H 1/6 Mohakhali Rail Gate 02-9884344
Abdullahpur (Uttara) Abdullahpur, Uttara 02-8956345
Arambagh 167/3 Eden Complex, Arambagh 02-7100422
Kamlapur 64/1 A Hotel Al-Faruk. 02-9132360
Fakirapool 2 Inner Circuler Road, Fakirapool 02-9331600
Middle Badda 190/A Middle Badda. 02-9882576
Kalabagan 64/3 Lake Circus, Mirpur Road 8126293
Kallyanpur Kallyanpur Bus Stand 02-8055902
Panthapath 63/C Panthapath 02-9132360
Jhonson Road 53/10 Jhonson Road 02-7166643
Malibagh 114 Malibagh DIT Road 02-9344477

Shohagh Paribahan Sathkhira Counters

Location Address Phone Number
Shatkhira 1198 Kaligonj Road 01711-420553

Shohagh Paribahan Magura Counters

Location Address Phone Number
Magura Magura Bus Stand 01711933562

Shohagh Paribahan Bagerhat Counters

Location Address Phone Number
Bagerhat Bagerhat Railgate. 0468-63236

Shohagh Paribahan Khulna Counters

Location Address Phone Number
KDA KDA Bhaban, Khulna 041-725397
Sonadanga Sonadanga Bus Terminal 041-732255
Fultala Fultala 041-785195
Royel Royel More, Khulna 041-731805
Fulbari Gate Fulbari Gate 01712-22384
Natun Rasta Natun Rasta 01922-79033
Nawapara Nawapara 01712-074046

Shohagh Paribahan Jessore Counters

Location Address Phone Number
Jessore Jessore 01926-699341
Monihar City College Market, Jessore 0421-65061
Khajura Khajura Bus Stand 0421-67655
Garikhana Garikhana Road, Chitra 0421-65407
Central Bus Stand Central Bus Stand 0421-66931
Kaligonj Kaligonj 01711387237
Benapole Benapole 01926-696271
Jhikorgacha Jhikorgacha 01711396867
Navaron Navaron 01712238789

Shohagh Paribahan Cox’s Bazar Counters

Location Address Phone Number
Kolatoli Kolatoli Road, Hotel SeaPalace, Cox’s Bazar 01926-699354
Jhautola Jhautola Main Road, Cox’s Bazar 01926-699255

Shohagh Paribahan Chattogram Counters

Location Address Phone Number
Shetakunda Shetakunda 01819323183
Dampara 34 Zakir Hossain Road,Dampara 031-616520
Mirersorai Mirersorai 01711351262
AK Khan Gate AK Khan Gate, Chittagong 01926-699347

Shohagh Paribahan Online Ticket Online Ticket

If you are short on time and can’t make it to the counter, don’t fret. We provide ticket booking services for buses, both immediately and in advance. Just call our customer care service to reserve your ticket.

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Some instruction

  • Don’t Run on the Bus
  • Never get on a bus without a ticket
  • If there is any problem inside the bus immediately inform the police
  • DONT Eat if strangers give you something
  • Take care of your luggage and wallet
  • Before getting off Bus, Make sure everything is ok
  • When eating on the bus, do not eat anything from strangers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Shohagh Paribahan Bus safe?

If you’re traveling on a Shohagh Paribahan bus, you will likely be safe. However, the reputation of the bus service can be a bit shaky. So make sure to take care when traveling with the Hanif bus service.

Are there any baggage costs for the Shohagh Paribahan bus?

usually, don’t charge extra amounts for baggage.

Are the ticket prices of the Shohagh Paribahan bus expensive?

The price of a bus service depends on things like the type of bus and the destination. But the prices for buses are not more expensive than other bus providers. Most of the prices are quite affordable.

Can I buy Shohagh Paribahan bus tickets online?

Hanif Enterprise has just launched its service with the collaboration of  for booking buses. You can buy them directly from their site You can pay using any major debit/prepaid card or bank transfer.

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