Hospitals in India for foreign patients

Having endured the intractable pain caused by osteoarthritis of the hip for two years, a 44 year old woman from Norwich had two options for taking turns in the NHS or seek treatment at a private hospital. She took a 10 hour flight to India and verified at the Apollo Hospital in the southern city … Read more

Top 07 Liver Transplantation Hospital In India

Liver transplantation is a surgical operation that is used to replace the diseased liver with a part of a healthy liver from a healthy donor. Liver transplantation is widely preferred by many patients with many liver diseases such as hepatitis B, C, hepatitis autoimmune, metabolic disorders, Biliary Artesia, etc. Other causes can be excessive alcohol … Read more

Top 15 Cardiology Hospitals in India

Following are the Best Cardiology Hospitals in India. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center, Delhi Being among the pioneers of cardiac dedicated Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center is a large standing only private hospital for cardiac care in the Asia-Pacific region. The institute has to his credit many cardiology related work path-breaking. … Read more

Cancer Treatement In India

Cancer is known as one of the most feared diseases, leading to the unrestrained division of harmful cells in the human body. Initially, this leads to benign tumors, and if not controlled at the initial stage, this cancerous tumor later. With a high probability, cancer can affect a person at any age. There are more … Read more