Top 07 Liver Transplantation Hospital In India

Liver transplantation is a surgical operation that is used to replace the diseased liver with a part of a healthy liver from a healthy donor. Liver transplantation is widely preferred by many patients with many liver diseases such as hepatitis B, C, hepatitis autoimmune, metabolic disorders, Biliary Artesia, etc. Other causes can be excessive alcohol abuse, drug abuse, smoking, acetaminophen overdose, obesity, etc.
Liver transplant is an option for many patients and represented India as one of the most favorite destinations for a wide range of liver transplants and other health care solutions. As for installation, Indian hospitals can manage many patients for each surgery. Many hospitals famous in India are managed by world-class renowned physicians.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is considered one of the best hospitals in India’s Liver Transplant. The hospital has more than 52 specialists working under one roof. Apollo offers over 10,000 beds and more than 2,200 pharmacies. The hospital was the first in India to perform a pediatric liver transplant in 1998.

The team and staff of this hospital obtained a 99.6% success rate in liver transplantation and have completed more than 500 liver transplants since January 2011. The hospital provides regular lectures, training, and education programs.

Medanta – The Medicity, Gurugram

the largest hospital multi-super specialty of India is also seen in the best hospitals liver transplant in India. Founded by a prominent surgeon, Dr. Nareshtrehan, the hospital is accredited by both NABH and NABL. The hospital offers robotic-assisted urology, cardiology, and gynecology. The hospital has won many awards, such as Best VC Circle Health and multispecialty Hospital.
Hospital has performed more than 600 living donor liver transplants, higher Indian, and 2nd highest in the world. Team staff and the area of ​​the library provide teachers aids audiovisual training, training rooms, and full-time service. There is no doubt that the hospital is considered one of the best.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

The hospital is still one of the best hospitals in liver transplant in India. Founded in 1959, the hospital is one of the specialized hospitals for the elderly liver transplant that are accredited by both NABH and NABL. The hospital is the first in India to install and start using an automatic pneumatic chute system.

The hospital has more than 150 high-level specialists and emergency, namely Unite separate and acute care and one of the largest centers in Asia transplant donor, not a related game.

Artemis Hospital, Gurugram

Founded in 2007, Artemis Hospital is a liver transplant top 10 hospitals in India. The hospital is spread over 9 acres, which also received the “Asia-Pacific Hygiene Excellence Award in hand.” Artemis Hospital has 40 specialist centers with 11 doctors of world-class excellence. With a staff of 300 doctors, the hospital uses the latest medical equipment such as CT scans, 64 slices heart 3 Tesla MRI, and Philips Medical System. They use the most innovative technologies, such as Flat Panel Cath Labs with a boost stent.

Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

The hospital is on the list of the ten best liver transplant hospitals. Founded in 2005, the hospital offers excellence in liver transplantation, cancer, dental care, heart surgeries, and many others. Accredited by NABH and NABL, the hospital is awarded by FICCI for its excellence in environmental conservation.
The hospital consists of 2,300 large physicians who specialize in all areas, more than 3,000 nurses, and 3,200 trained staff that provides every single installation and service. It is the first hospital in India to receive “step 6” recognition HIMSS.

Primus Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

Primus Super Specialty Hospital is one of the best Liver Transplant hospitals in India as it is the most talented multispecialty hospital in India. The hospital was designed and built with the most advanced technologies in the medical field. The hospital has exceeded technology and advanced facilities for all major IM, liver disorders, and biliopancreatic, and also operates a high liver dependency unit for some ill patients.
The hospital has many world-renowned physicians, such as Pro. Surya Bhan, Dr. SumitMrig, Dr. Sood A.K, and many other specialists. The faculty is well qualified and dedicated as laboratories for all departments such as biochemistry, serology, microbiology, Electrophoresis, etc.

Fortis Flt. Lt. RajanDhall Hospital

Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj also stands in the Top 10 liver transplant hospitals in India. Founded in 1996, the hospital is both NABH and NABL accredited and provides care in facilities over 56 clinics in India and abroad. The excellence of the hospital includes renal science, intensive care, Neuroscience, and organ transplantation.
We distributed over 1 square 50,000. Ft, the hospital is state of the art with all single advanced technologies. The hospital has many renowned scholars and famous as Dr. Anurag Gupta, Dr. Sutopa Banerjee, Dr. SabyasachiBal, etc.


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