Bangladesh Post Office, also known as Bangla Post, is essential for the communication of permanent / temporary persons responsible for providing postal services at Bangladesh Post Office. People get many services with the help of post office. Example: Receives goods through different couriers from different places through post office. Thanas / upazilas under Jinaidaha district are: Jinaidaha Sadar, Harinakundu, Kotchandpur, Maheshpur,Naldanga , Shailakupa. In the table below, post codes of different sub post offices of Jinaidaha district are given.

Postal Zip Codes For Harinakundu

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code

Postal Zip Codes For Jinaidaha Sadar

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code
JinaidahaJinaidaha SadarJinaidaha Cadet College7301
JinaidahaJinaidaha SadarJinaidaha Sadar7300

Postal Zip Codes For Kotchandpur

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code

Postal Zip Codes For Maheshpur

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code

Postal Zip Codes For Naldanga

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code
JinaidahaNaldangaHatbar Bazar7351

Postal Zip Codes For Shailakupa

DistrictThanaSubOfficePost Code

Above we have tried to give postal codes of all post offices including Jinaidaha district.I hope it will be useful for everyone.

Some Instruction

  • We should use the correct postal code before using postal code anywhere
  • Postman may not come to the post office to deliver any product, so you have to contact at your own risk.
  • If you want to send a product somewhere, you must include the postal code address and phone number of the person to whom you want to send it.

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