People are still using the water of the Holy Land that started thousands of years ago.To the Muslims, the water of the gathering is pure and blessed.Scientifically recognized as the purest water in the world. Nearly two million glasses of zamzam water are received daily from the Prophet’s Mosque in the mosque of Haram and Madinah in Mecca.

In today’s episode we will know about the best water zamzam well in the world

Zamzam well

Zamzam Well is a real sign of God, located just 21 meters away from the Holy Ka’bah.Currently the zamzam well is located inside the mosque.The hadith mentions the immense welfare and blessing of this water.According to the Messenger of Allah, the best and most pure water on the surface of the surface is zamzam well water for the hungry.This specialty of the water of the frozen well is now clearly evident in the science stand.zamzam water is not only the best water on earth but its equivalent water is not found anywhere else on earth.Usually the water of any well is bound for a long time due to its loss of color and taste. But even after thousands of years, zamzam is still completely untapped.Its color has not changed to a slight extent in whiteness and purity.No living algae in the water can survive fungi or any water pollutant This well has no connection with any river or reservoir. Even though millions of people are using this water every day and many are taking it along, the frozen wells will never dry up.

About 4000 years ago today, Imrahim left his beloved wife Hajra and dear son Ismail in the rare mountainous region of Mecca for exile.Exile was the sacrifice of something most beloved by God.A Musk relies on God in a rare desert with water and a bag of dates.As a result, Hajira and her son, Ismail, lived alone in the sandy desert of Mecca, and their food ran out very quickly.
One day a desperate thirsty mother, Hazara, left her young son Ismail in the open desert to escape to Mount Safa Marwa.7 times he ran from here to there, at one time, at the behest of Allah, Ibrahim Alai Salam made a stream of water flow through the desert.Mother Hajira’s son Ismail came to Salam and saw an unprecedented event
Baby son Ismail’s feet were created in dry ground by the flow of pure water. Then Mother Hazar excluded the water around and said that zamzam means stop.The Muslims believe that the zamzam well is still there and will remain till the Day of Resurrection.

The depth of the deposit well is only 101 feet.The water level in the well is about 10 and a half feet below ground level.From two liters of water pump to 8 liters of water per second, with the help of two large water pumps.After lifting the water, its level drops to 44 feet but only 11 minutes after the water is stopped, it returns to its previous level, meaning that the water is full.
Saudi authorities are steadily frosting as the demand for frozen water continues to rise, so a huge project is taken to take the frozen water into the city by 2020.Bottled water is automatically bottled here to deliver frozen water to other parts of the world, including Saudi Arabia.From here it is supplied with water of 1 lakh 50 thousand liters daily, but during the Hajj season, the quantity goes up to 1 lakh liters daily.

About 10-15 liters of water is collected daily from this project. From here onwards, the special tanker is transported to the mosque of Madinah to another place in Nawabi Saudi Arabia.In some places zamzam is also served by cooling the water. There is a separate system so that people can take the water of zamzam.In addition, many volunteers serve separate water for the benefit of the Muslims of the two mosques in Mecca and Medina.At the same time, a variety of small bottled water is also provided.Saudi Arabia prohibits the sale of commercial water reserves in other Muslim countries.Numerous staff at the two holy mosques are working tirelessly to maintain access to ground water to the common people.

There is a lot of research on zamzam water so far and there is a research center called zamzam research center under the Geological Survey of Saudi Arabia.Laboratory tests have shown that the amount of magnesium salts in zamzam water is very helpful in relieving fatigue compared to normal water.

Nottingham University food and nutrition research under the British Ministry of Health has proved that zamzam water acts as an energy enhancer for people’s health.Recently, a Japanese researcher named Masaru Amat researched zamzam water and said that there is no other water in the world that has its own mineral properties.His study also shows that ground water is a thousand times higher than ordinary water in the world, so if one foot of ground water is mixed with ordinary water, then it becomes like ordinary water and ground water. Goes

The mosque that surrounds the holy Kaaba Sharif is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, known as Al-Haram, the largest human gathering on earth every year during the Hajj season

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