JR Paribahan Bus Service Bangladesh is a popular bus service. There is a JR Paribahan in different district cities from Dhaka..They have many buses they travel from one end of the country to the other.People regularly use JR Paribahan transport bus in Beacon There’s very good service.They have counters in different districts of the country.This is why it is so easy to collect their tickets.If you want you can buy tickets online so we will give their contact number below.Their drivers and supervisors are all trained, The passenger service is very good.For this you can travel in safe transport.There are some practical issues such as change of location, number of changes and temporary interruptions to the service head. Moreover some counters stop their service from time to time.

JR Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

If you do not have time to go to the counter, failing to contact them, there is no reason to worry, we book all types of bus tickets for immediate or advance. Make a ticket booking by calling our customer care.


ChittagongPhone: 01872-542526


Meherpur CounterPhone: 01767-280280
Nimtala Meherpur CounterPhone: 01711-232788
Gongni CounterPhone: 01710-034979, 01767-280281
Mujib Nagar CounterPhone: 01716-042645, 01737-813660
Bansbariya CounterPhone: 01977-034127, 01711-034127
Ali Hossain Super Market, big marketPhone: 0761-62699, 01711-131125, 01919-131125
Jibon Nagar CounterPhone: 01737-813656
Darshana CounterPhone: 01737-813600, 01737-813657, 01737-813661
Jhenaidah CounterPhone: 01711-168043, 01192-053117
Kaliganj CounterPhone: 01737-813652
Magura CounterPhone: 01714-778844
Khaleshkundi CounterPhone: 01767-280284
Mirpur CounterPhone: 01767-280286
Kushtia CounterPhone: 01767-280287
Bheramara CounterPhone: 01767-280288


Dhaka CounterPhone: 01717-657799, 01711-175551, 01717-657799, 01767-280294
Kalyanpur Counter, DhakaPhone: 01767-280295, 01767-280296
Mazar Road Counter, GabtoliPhone: 01737-813650, 01737-813651
Chandra CounterPhone: 01767-280291

Some instruction

  • Dont Run on the Bus
  • Never get on a bus without a ticket
  • If there any problem in side the bus immediately inform police
  • DONT Eat if strangers give you some thing
  • Take care of your luggage and wallet
  • Before getting off Bus, Make sure everything is ok
  • When eating on the bus, do not eat anything from strangers

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