Shyamli Paribahan (SP) is going with business class bus with very comfortable and safe service.
By providing the highest quality services they can win the hearts of the people today and reach the pinnacle of development
Has been enabled. At present they are providing bus service in different districts of Bangladesh. Shyamoli Paribahan (SP)
One of the best buses in Bangladesh. Good luck with Shyamoli Paribahan (SP).

Dhaka Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Kamalapur Counter02-48316246
Shyamoli  Panthapath office02-9102082
Shyamoli Panthapath Counter 02-9112327
Shyamoli Abdullahpur Counter01865-068930
Shyamoli Norda Counter02-55050218
Shyamoli Uttara Counter02-7541249
Shyamoli Malibag Counter01865-068927
Shyamoli Fakirapul Counter02-7193725
Shyamoli Sayedabad 4 Counter02-7541249
Shyamoli Sayedabad 1 Counter02-7541336
Shyamoli Arambag Counter02-7194291
Shyamoli Kalabagan Counter02-9141047
Shyamoli Kalyanpur-2 Counter02-9003331
Shyamoli Kalyanpur office, Mirpur Road02-9003331
Shyamoli Asad Gate Counter02-9124514
Shyamoli Technical Counter01865-068922.
Shyamoli Kollyanpur-1 Counter 02-8091161
Gabtali NS Counter, Dhaka 01865-068924
Shyamoli Gabtoli Mazar Road Counter02-9011100
Shyamoli Gabtali 5 Counter02-9014359
Shyamoli Gabtoli 3 Counter01865-068925

Chittagong Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Bayzit Counter031-2581473
Shyamoli Navy Gate Counter031-740675
Shyamoli AK Khan Counter 031-43150005
Shyamoli Alangkar Counter01875-098707
Shyamoli Station Road031-2866026
Shyamoli BTRC-1 Counter 031-2866025
Shyamoli Dampara Counter01911-797140
Shyamoli Corlonel Hat Counter01911-797140

Rangamati Counter

 AddressContact Number
RiJarb Bazar Counter01813-225858, 01820-309305

Narayanganj Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Narayanganj 3 Counter 0671-7647721
Shyamoli Narayangans 1 Counter0671-7642882

Sylhet Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Mazar Gate Counter01792-875375
Shyamoli Humayun Rashid Chatar0447-8880907
Shyamoli Suburban counter01913-032228
Shyamoli Kadamtali 2 Counter01726-6870244
Shyamoli Kadamtali 1 Counter01716-036687

Kaptai Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli  Kaptai Counter01754-783430

Maulvibazar Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Moulvibazar Counter01767-551153

Bandarban Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Bandarban Counter 0361-62560

Cox’s bazar Counter

 AddressContact Number
Cox-Terminal Counter 01728-809846
Jhawtola Booking Counter01724-848491

Khagrachari Counter

 AddressContact Number
College Road, Coconut Garden 01552-741895

Meherpur Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Meherpur Counter 01717-385192

Teknaf Counter

 AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Teknaf Counter01865-068946

Kushtia Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Kushtia Counter01711-942709

Bogra Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Bogra Counter051-64244, 051-64155

Naogaon Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Naogaon Counter0741-62902

Rajshahi Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Rajshahi Counter01919-317323, 01791-963363

Chakaria Counters

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Chakaria Counter01865-068995

Chuadanga Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Chuadanga Counter01963-146448

Jhenaidah Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Jhenaidah Counter01711-265265

Benapole Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Benapole office01724-777260

Rangpur Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Burimari Counter 01716-06177

India Counter

AddressContact Number
Shyamoli Siliguri Counter0091-9132628243
Shyamoli TRTC Bus Dept, Agartola Counter0091-9863045083
Shyamoli Karunamoye, Salt Lake Counter0091-9748090471
Shyamoli Kolkata Counter0091-9831239007

Some instruction

  • Dont Run on the Bus.
  • Never get on a bus without a ticket.
  • If there any problem in side the bus immediately inform police.
  • DONT Eat if strangers give you some thing.
  • Take care of your luggage and wallet.
  • Before getting off Bus, Make sure everything is ok.
  • When eating on the bus, do not eat anything from strangers.

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