All passengers are welcome to know the Shahzadpur Travels bus ticket counter number and online offing office address and contact information. Shahzadpur Travels is a transport company in Bangladesh. This country has a lot of travel transport that goes from one end to the other. The Shahzadpur Travels bus transport service is very good so the people of the country think about the national travels transport and if they want they can buy tickets online from home. This saves them time and costs less. If any passenger of Shahzadpur Travels Bus has not received the ticket from the ticket counter, he can quickly book the ticket online from another counter if he wants. Passengers feel very comfortable getting their services. That is why we will give the contact number below. It is trained by Travels Supervisor. For this, everyone can travel safely.

Shahzadpur Travels Bus Schedule

Shahzadpur Travels Scania Ac Bus

  • Pabna To Dhaka

Morning Time: 10.40 am

Night Time: 11 pm and

  • Dhaka To Pabna

Morning Time: 10 am

Night Time: 10:.30 pm

Dhaka to PabnaPabna to DhakaDhaka to ChatmoharChatmohar to DhakaPabna to CtgCtg to PabnaSylhet to IshWardi
7:00 AM6:40 AM7:30 AM5:00 AM5:45 PM7:30 PM8:00 PM
8:00 AM7:30 AM11:00 AM6:30 AM—–—–—–
9:00 AM9:30 AM1:00 PM8:30 AM—–—–—–
10:00 AM10:40 AM3:00 PM11:35 AM—–—–—–
2:00 PM1:30 PM4:30 PM3:30 PM—–—–—–
4:00 PM3:30 PM6:30 PM—–—–—–—–
5:00 PM10:30 PM8:30 PM—–—–—–—–
7:30 PM11:00 PM—–—–—–—–—–
9:30 PM10:30 PM11:30 PM11:15 PM11:30 PM—–—–—–—–—–

Shahzadpur Travels Online Ticket Booking

Shahzadpur Travels has a personal website for online ticket purchasing.  you have to open an account with easy personal information and a valid mobile phone number. There is a cancellation policy also.

Shahzadpur Travels Routes 2022

Baghabari – Chittagong
Bhangura – Chittagong
Chittagong – Pabna
Dhaka – Shahzadpur
Shahzadpur – Dhaka
Gaibandha – Chittagong
Narayanganj – Shahzadpur
Vera Mara – Dhaka
Shahzadpur – Chittagong
Baghabari – Narayangonj
Kaddarmore – Narayangonj
Dinajpur – Chittagong
Chatmohar – Dhaka
Demra – Dhaka
Baghabari – Narayangonj
Pabna – Narayangonj
Kaddarmore – Dhaka
Faridpur – Chittagong
Dhaka – Pabna
Chittagong – Gaibandha
Baghabari – Dhaka
Kaddarmore – Narayangonj
Pabna – Chittagong

Shahzadpur Travels Pabna Phone Number And Counter Location

Pabna Bus Station Counter, Pabna District City01766-165976
The bus station counter is located at Atgharia Bazar, Pabna District01733-681626
Bypass Bus Station Counter, Pabna District01784-050000
Bus station at Mulgram Nijbazar, Chatmohar, Pabna District01781-443160
The Chatmohar Bus Stand Counter is located in Pabna District01725-635459
The Psychola Bus Station Counter is located in Chatmohar, Pabna District 01713-685740,
The Ramnagar Ghat Bus Station Counter is located in Chatmohar, Pabna District01757-843262
Pabna District, Debottar Bazar Bus Station Counter01722-157810
Pabna District, Chatmohar Rail Bazar Bus Station Counter01740-122017,
The counter at the Berhamara Bus Station in Kushtia District01713-714628
Counter at the Berahaulia Bus Station, Pabna District01724-589856,
There is a bus stop at Dhankunia Junction in Chatmohar, Pabna District01736-846555
Gopalnagar Bus Station Counter, Pabna District01725-319954
Demra Bus Station Counter, Pabna District01712-552363,
Faridpur Bus Station Counter, Pabna District City01714-004248,

Shahzadpur Bus Dhaka Counter Number

Dhaka District City, Kalyanpur Bus Station Counter, Khalek Pump01778-879171
The Shahzadpur Bus Gabtoli in Bangladesh01748-288626 ,
The technical bus station counter0711-353947
Nabinagar Bus Station Counter, Savar, Dhaka District01712-535407
Echnical Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District01711-353947, 01307-078643
Technical Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District01711-353947, 01307-078643
Savar Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District01675-778760
Hemayetpur Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District01712-494049

Shahzadpur Bus Chittagong District Counter Number

Alankar Mazargate Counter, Chittagong District01883-742161
BRTC Bus Station Counter01883-742163
Bayezid Bus Station Counter, Chittagong District01883-742161
Main Counter, Alangkar, Chittagong District City01883-742160
Alankar Mor Counter, IFIC Bank01883-742162

Counters Of Shahjadpur Zone


The counter at the Ullapara bus station
Gandadah Bakul Floor Bus Station Counter01730-270705
Counter at Talgachhi Bus Station, Shahzadpur 01747-562676
Counter at Baghbari South Bus Station01711-478812
Shahjadpur BSCIC Bus Station Counter01711-804038,
A counter at Baghabari North Bus Station01712-555329
The bus station counter in Shahzadpur Bazar 01712-456012,
Located on the bus station counter in police station Ghat Shahzadpur,  01307-078542.
Counter at Balsabari Bus Stand, Shahzadpur01776-075184

Shahzadpur Travels Narayanganj Contact Number

Counter at the Narayanganj bus station, Narayanganj District Town 01675-413824

Some instruction

  • Dont Run on the Bus
  • Never get on a bus without a ticket
  • If there any problem in side the bus immediately inform police
  • DONT Eat if strangers give you some thing
  • Take care of your luggage and wallet
  • Before getting off Bus, Make sure everything is ok
  • When eating on the bus, do not eat anything from strangers Provide information on all types of bus travel. You may quickly pique your curiosity with this site.

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