Dipzol Paribahan is one of the most popular transport in Bangladesh.The quality of their service is very good For this, people constantly use their services.Their driver supervisor helpers are all trained.And this is why the service of Dipzol Enterprise is much better.They have two types of buses, AC and non-AC.They have counters in different parts of the country That’s why they don’t have to suffer to collect tickets.

We always try to provide updated information.Addresses and phone numbers may change for different reasons at different times.If any of the counters are closed or their phone numbers are changed, please let us know.

Route Name of Dipjol Enterprise

Dhaka To Sirajganj To Dhaka
Dhaka To Bogra TO Dhaka
Dhaka To Naogaon To Dhaka

Dipjol Enterprise Online Ticket Booking

Dipjol Enterprise does not sell tickets online as it does not have its own website.And for this you can collect or buy Dipjol Enterprise tickets from shohoz.com if you want.To buy tickets from Shohoz.com, they first need to create an account there.Then after entering their website, search by typing the name of the Dipjol Enterprise to find out about their fare and disease.

Dipjol Enterprise Counter Of Dhaka

AdressCounter Number
NOBI NAGAR01882-004529
Assad Gate01882-004527
Shyamoli 01882-004526
Kalyanpur (Khwaja Super Market, Mirpur)01882-004525
Kalyanpur (Sohrab Pump)01882-004524
Technical MORE01882-004523
Gabtali Bus Terminal01882-004521

Dipjol Enterprise Counter Of SIRAJGANJ

AdressCounter Number
Sirajganj (Girani Bazar)01882-004532
Sirajganj Road01882-004533

Dipjol Enterprise Counter Of BOGRA

AdressCounter Number
Sherpur, Bogra01882-004534

Dipjol Enterprise Counter Of NAOGAON

AdressCounter Number

Some instruction

  • Dont Run on the Bus
  • Never get on a bus without a ticket
  • If there any problem in side the bus immediately inform police
  • DONT Eat if strangers give you some thing
  • Take care of your luggage and wallet
  • Before getting off Bus, Make sure everything is ok
  • When eating on the bus, do not eat anything from strangers

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