Samsung Galaxy S21 leaks detail your big money options

The family of Samsung Galaxy S21 probably launch in the first months of the year 2021. Almost as Samsung expected the numbering system to match the year, the Samsung Galaxy S20 commissioned in 2020, while the Galaxy will dominate the S21 family of Samsung 2021. The 2021 line Samsung very likely includes at least three phones: Galaxy S21, S21 + Galaxy, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. If you expect these devices to change your vacation plans in 2020 – do not hold your breath!

Galaxy S21 – The baseline

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will be the cheapest of the line would be that the rumors of the family of the product have been fully verified and formal as it is with a selection of the unit like this with leaks and information from sources familiar with the subject who wish to remain anonymous, we work with information that could change.
As the Galaxy S21 is ready to be launched, some specifications may vary. Much of the information you see in this article comes from articles published during the last two weeks here on SlashGear. Take a look at the timeline below for more information on the evolution of the range smartphone.
The Samsung Galaxy S21 should be released with a 6.2-inch FHD LTPS +. This display will certainly have the refresh rate of 120Hz picture function, the same as the rest of the Galaxy S21 devices.
Inside the Galaxy S21, we expect a 4000mAh battery, Bluetooth 5.1, and Wi-Fi 6. There will be a 5G connectivity in the family too. Processors in the range Samsung Galaxy S21 is likely to include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 or the Samsung Exynos 2100 SoC.
The rear-facing camera array on the Galaxy and the Galaxy S21 + S21 will most likely be the same. That would mean a 12MP ultra-wide camera, a 12MP main camera, and a telephoto lens with a 64MP camera.
The Galaxy S21 is rumored to come in a set of four colors, each with the word “Phantom” in their name. It would Phantom Purple Rose Phantom, Phantom Gray, and White Phantom.

Galaxy S21+ – In the middle

The Galaxy S21 + is very, very similar to the Galaxy S21, by the rumors. It will probably come in Phantom silver, black, and purple, and it will have the same connectivity options. The same set of cameras at his back, the same processors, and even software means that you will receive a device that will act much like the Galaxy S21.
The major differences are the size of the battery at 4,800mAh, and the display size. The Samsung Galaxy S21 + should have an FHD display + LTPS 6.7-inch 120Hz image refresh rate.

Galaxy S21 Ultra – Super expense

The most expensive device in the squad will work, very likely the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This device will roll with a 6.8-inch WQHD monstrous LTPO + display with an adaptive frame rate. He will run a rate of 120Hz frame refresh, but (like all good high refresh rate monitors should) have the ability to sample at a lower rate when a higher rate is not necessary.
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra should have an advanced camera together on the back. This would include 108MP “Gen 2” main sensor, an ultra-wide lens 12MP camera to the teeth, and two cameras. The other two cameras are both 10MP sensor, with a 3x optical zoom with the other with 10x optical.
Images of the table of the camera is on top of a kind of leak solution delivered in late October by OnLeaks. Other Renders in this article are from the same region and similar sources.
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is rumored to wear the same Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and 5G as other devices. The Wi-Fi is another story. Where Wi-Fi 6 seemed enough for any devices, Galaxy S21 Ultra Wi-Fi 6E necessary!
The Galaxy S21 Ultra should be released in at least two color options. One ghost is black, the other Phantom Silver. The size of the battery on this great smartphone is probably 5000mAh.

Release dates and prices

The Samsung Galaxy S21 range could be revealed at the end of the tail of January 2021, or it could be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2021, if such conclusion of the conference to find a way to exist. This would mean a potential mid-February and reveal the end of the release date of February or early March and reveal the release mid-March.
The price for the family of the Galaxy S21 should be higher than the previous generation launch price of $ 100. structural pricing leaks have suggested no major changes in this area – yet!


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